Friday, September 23, 2011

NBA Lockout Vol. 4

The NBA needs to get this lockout straight. Missing games can lose those borderline fans for good. Foot good. And never to come back.

Kinda how I never really went back to MLB after there strike.

Especially in this economy. Folks losing there jobs, homes, etc. Hunger and pain in this downturn is killing the spirit of fans across the USA. Workers struggling could give a shit if these NBA players can make there baby mamas support payments. Or if there property taxes are covered to house there fleet of benzos.

It's a game that touches various economies. To ticket man hustling out front of your local arena to the t shirt man selling home made Kobe tees. To the workers at the arenas. That rely on there jobs slinging beers, directing cars to park to the post game clean up crews. Washing down those floors. Yes those few hours of wages is huge in these already knocked down household incomes.

With various foreclosures and homelessness and hunger its not going to make the American public care or give an F.. about a freaking hard vs a soft cap. The numbers are there make them work. Cook em how you want em NBA. Let's play ball !!!

Shout out to all those folks struggling to make ends meet. Bless you all!!!

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