Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NBA Lockout Vol.3

The lockout has caused me to miss the NBA Summer Pro League. Along with thousands of other peeps. My annual trip to Vegas was like Hoops Heaven. Were else can you see 4 games or more per day for like $20. The action there was intense. Watching NBA hopefuls try and make there team as well as NBA All Star's roaming the crowd as if they were fans.

I never stayed the whole time 10 or so days. But usually 3 to 4 is enough for me. Coupled with all the buffets, booze and nite life it was a fun time. But the action before and during games between scouts, agents GM's trying to make moves was fun to watch. As well as watching players walking around Vegas not knowing which way the strip was. Guess we will wait till next year.Oh how I miss that 110 degree temp.

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