Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Magic is over

Did the Magic just gave up? Or was it a lack of mental toughness. Whatever it was there on the brink of a disaster. Being swept by the C's signals to the NBA Coach Van Gundy  really isn't  the coach we think he is. Hello Brandon Bass is sitting on the bench. Why? And that Howard isn't the player he really is. Yeah regular season is one thing but playoffs are another. Maybe the defensive player of the year needs to work on his offensive game than all his acting. Magic actually had a better team last year. At least I think they did. Hedo was more clutch than Vince. Cmon you think Turk would have missed 2 throws at the charity stripe in a crucial game. Peeps were thinking Nick Anderson. The team is headed for retooling. Blow it up y'all. In the pic above will be the only Magic going on this summer in Orlando.  Peace

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