Friday, May 28, 2010

Lakers Superstition's Do you have any ?

Well I must admit during the 2 Laker losses I did not do my usual routines. I know I know. Resulting in 2 LA losses. So game 5 I had to go back to my normal routines. Yup superstitions we all have them. So I went back to wearing my yellow and blue slip on Vans. I know there not purple but close enough. And they always bring the luck. I usually wear these game day. And during the game I always have chicken wings. Last 2 games I had burritos and tacos. The change cost LA dearly. So went back to the crates. This time I had to go OG and get the KFC hotwings. And the piece of resistance. My couch donned its Laker blanket. No interior design awards here fellas. So with all that not only the Lakers win. But my man Ron Ron bangs the winning bucket. What a game.Peace peoples.

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