Friday, May 29, 2009

Lakers need to put it in the Fridge !!!

Chick Hearn use to have a saying "the lights are out the eggs are cooling and the jello is jiggling and the butters getting hard" affectionately known as its in the fridge. Well that's what LA need's to do. Put this MF'er in the fridge. Do not give those Denver Nugget's a chance and just slam the door. Turn the Birdman into a pigeon or even a parakeet lol. Mark Cuban called them thugs I say there just wild but tough as well ass out of control. JR Smitty basically can shoot them out of a game and can cost em . I say LA close's it out and puts it in the cooler. Peace to all the Laker fans I met in Vegas and to the haters stay off DEEEZZZ. And that's the type of wine cooler id like in my pad. Its actually a restaurant in Vegas. Can you guess which one??

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