Friday, May 22, 2009

Lakers Dont Look Crispy

My take is the long finals run from last year plus all the Olympics stuff is catching up to Pau and Kobe. Playing in June then going off to China and playing a few more rounds might be starting to show. Pau just doesn't look like himself. Dude your a 7 footer grab those boards.Mind you hes never played this much hoop, since playing in Memphis he shut it down in April. And KB is the elder statesman in the NBA. Playing since he was 18 hes got alot of miles on him. Kinda like dog years ,no diss but the cat is 30 and been balling for over 10 years in the association. I say give them s strong pot of Starbucks before each game. And amp out.Against theses Nuggets there going to need it.

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