Saturday, September 27, 2008

Starbury Stays Please.

Hi Whats the deal with my fave player Stephon Marbury? You gonna trade him, waive him, release him? When hes on hes a top 5 PG. Coney Island players do not go unheard. Knick fans I know he tatted his head with his Starbury logo( free advertising). I know he was in the middle of the sexual harassment lawsuit (Isaiah's gone). Now he has to deal with "the stache" But cmon this fella can hoop. I mean I cant imagine him in Miami,he may flip out like Smush Parker. Do NY guys fear warm weather? Hello Lamar. The warmth just meant better weed . He may fit in with the Clippers though. He may realise all the swapmeets he can sell his shoes at. I can see it now pork rinds,pigs feet, malt liquor and a pair of Starburys. Yeah cool huh. Peace

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