Monday, September 29, 2008

NBA Season is near , Ben Gordon, Media Day

Can it be? Media day's are popping up here in there. This is usually were they bring out the players for pictures Q&A etc etc. Ask them dumb questions like "Yo Lamar what did you do over the summer?" And he gives the generic come backs. Once Id like a player to say something real or tangible. Like " I spent the summer getting my Impala souped up" or " I invested some cash into a waffle house ". Something dudes. Saw pick of James Posey in his Hornets uni. He looked funny. He would've looked nicer in Purple n Gold. I read that Ben G is gonna show. He didn't take that Russian deal. Ben I guess didn't learn anything about throwing bones at U Conn. If you really had a deal in Russia I would have played the Sasha V card. Remember his so called deal overseas and worked it . Ben is way more hardcore than The Machine (HA HA HA) . I would have barged into the Bulls offices and said that long hair outta LA just shoots till they fall he aint consistent like Ole Ben here. I'm a scorer Mr GM, I played at U Conn get me paid . Vinnie Del is going to have his hands full. Hopefully we see a ton of action in this pre season. Looking foward to it. Peace

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