Sunday, May 26, 2013

No to Dwightmare.

      photo source scott mecum

When will it start? I can hear him back peddling already. I can hear the demands. I can already hear his belly aching. NO !!!

And then theirs  his jokes. Magic use to say if you winning you can joke all you want.

So enough of that.

So am I the only Laker fan who can do without it? I was not at all impressed by his season. Nor will I be impressed if dude gets a max deal and doesn't produce again. Forget his Orlando years forget last season.

Just play dude. Hit the Rack. Hit your free throws. Block some shots. Dunk in dudes faces. Then you can laugh all you want.

And if you wanna play in Houston go. Don't fuck with LA fans. This isn't Orlando.

Sign your deal and play! And if you do sign a max deal can you loan me $10 I take PayPal. Just kidding really LOL. Or at least hook up a jersey or some kicks. Cmon.

Peace till we meet again


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