Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thoughts on Kobe Bean.

When Kobe went down my first thought was there go's the season. Then after a brief moment it all came to me.

The Lakers have other players. I mean good ones.

Don't they have a 7 ft tall spaniard named Pau.

An imposing 7 ft tall center named Dwight.

Two points named named Steve.

Mix in Earl ,Ron Ron ,Meeks, Jamison.

Now that being said I'm not saying the Lakers will win rings. But that's enough to make a little noise providing they make the playoffs. But rings would be nice.

My prediction Kobe comes back balling like a MF'er the start of next season. With Chris Paul running the point for the Lakers and D12 in the middle. And a new coach named Phil. But that's another posting.

Bean has been pushing hard and this was the result.

Get well soon Kobe all of LA is watching!!


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