Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luke Walton What happened to you?

I had to laugh at this. During the flurry of trade talk during the NBA draft it tickled me that Luke Walton's name was included in proposed deals. You might as well have thrown in some Skittles and a 40. Now at one point Luuuukkkeee (you know the sound peeps make when he touches the ball in garbage time) he was a decent player. Then being strapped with an unheard of 5 million dollar a year deal and new players brought in. Luuuukkkeee jus got pushed deeper down the pine. So no more cute between the legs passes. No more bricked 3's. Just time rapping to Trey Johnson about the good ole days. So this Bleacher Report article said it all. Hope Mike Brown can use him. Peace.

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