Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts on Lebron and his departure.

 Now that its been a few days the countdown has begun. The free agency clock is ticking. Can you hear the tick tock ? For Cavs fans July can't come any sooner. On that fabled night Bron can change the balance of the NBA. Signing outside of Cleveland will destroy the team as well as the local economy. Lebron leaving means no more sell outs. Folks are not going to spend money to see Mo Williams or come to check out Delonte's ink. Hello cable tv. LB built an economy in Cleveland his departure would devastate the community and fans alike. That being said he will leave. Insert laughter here. I won't speculate were he'll end up. My point is LeBron will go were its beneficial for Lebron. He wants to be a global brand and he can't do it in Ohio. And playing on Team USA with Kobe, Dwayne, Melo, Bosh  he saw the future. You don't think after games they chopped it up and talked about global opportunities. But possible suitors are like there's no market in Ohio. Versus a New York economy. It's like trying   Its a link no one really see's. Bron Bron wants to get paid. Peace.

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