Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celtic's vs Cav's Game 2

 LBJ gets his hardware. Playing with  like's of  Andy V, Zzzzzz, and a slow poke Shaq. Bron deserves the MVP. Imagine the clout he'd get rocking the Bronx. Last night's game 2 was another reason why he's bailing out of the CLE. Ive always said Mike Brown's coaching is very suspect. Lebron on 5 offense isn't working. He's got JJ getting splinters in his behind while he can be punking Perk and KG. 19 dimes from Rondo cmon . No wonder LBJ has to swat balls and pin them against backboards  who's playing D. Guess why they get the big bucks. Bron Bron is a superstar now but in NYC (or Chicago or LA or whoever ) he'd be bigger than life. Peace

PS. That was a travel.Im with you Doc

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