Saturday, April 17, 2010

Road to the Ring

 That had to be the fastest season yet. Just flew right by. The season started off with the usual picks for the finals. Will it be Lebron's first ring, will Kobe get his 5th, will a surprise team emerge. Etc Etc Etc. As we all know its all BS. The great teams always emerge from there sleep state  towards the end of the season. And being from the LA area I'm always gonna put the Laker's on top. They did lose there last game to the Clippers though for the last game of the season. Didn't I just say sleep state. Oh ok. LOL

    Now the  playoffs are here and teams will kick it up a few notches. I like Chicago to give LBJ and the gang a series. D Rose has a year under his belt. I expect him to play like last year against the Celts. This one will go 7 but Cav's will win.And I hate to say it but the Thunder will rain on the Laker's for a few games. They will surprise for a few games. Durant is an emerging superstar and print that. I say Laker's in 6  His team in OKC has all the pieces except experience and veteran leadership. If they can score a veteran look out. Hope your like me and going to be camped out in front of the TV. This is a NBA junkies dream. Got my hot wings coming !!!

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