Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic vs Bobcats Game 4

Did the brooms get pulled out? They sure did. I'm kinda surprised to the sweep but I'm more surprised Coach Brown didn't throw the kitchen sink at Howard. Chandler, Mohamed, Diop, Thomas , Ratliff are ample size and speed on single and double team's  to hack him, foul him, hit him eat his freaking lunch.  That's what I would have done. Just beat him. Howard just cleared the paint and kicked the ball out playing D. Playing his game. And with Nelson and Barnes knocking them down it was over. And I'm a fan of any team with White Chocolate on it. But the whole team just wasn't ready for a big time series. Orlando had them covered on every base. Maybe next year Coach brown will have his guys playing the right way. And MJ get SJAX some shiner Jordan's.  Peace

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