Saturday, May 2, 2009

In the Lakers Crib, for real.

Hello. The Laker's made it out the first round with little hassle. Now the second round will be a different story. The Rockets will be a bit tougher especially in the middle. Here's were we will see if Bynum is worth his 50 million. Being a young millionaire in LA prob has its distraction's like parties all of his bitches and making it rain at the clubs. But cmon dude can't you shut it down during the playoff's. Rumor had it Magic and Jordan didn't have any relations during there run to the titles. That's discipline I tell ya,especially the attention they get. If Andy can just average a double double the Laker's will be fine. If not Pau will have to have mega games. Kobe will have to be ice cold. Cause the Rockets will not lay down. Artest ,Ming sure will be tight. And Brooks has turned into decent little point. Sure the Laker's will be in there crib, but sometimes its not enough ask Ralph Sampson. Peace.

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