Monday, March 30, 2009

NBA Playoff Push equals Tweets and Twitter

Don't know if you tweet. But I been caught up in this whole twitification of the NBA. Mark Cuban just got hit for 25K for twitting the ref's suck ( I can use 25k to buy 2 KIA's). Charlie V tweets at half time( didn't know there was time to,restroom anyone?). Shaq tweets peoples to win tickets at will call ( Imagine if he did that in LA will would get bombed like a couch in free section of Craigslist). What's next Phil Jackson will tweet a zen passage to Luke Walton on how he shouldn't shoot 3's with 22 seconds left on shot clock. Or maybe Charles Barkley should have tweeted about his time in the big house and all the friends he made. Group tweets at half time would be cool." this is a positive loss" signed the_real_darko. Oh yeah these are the dog days of the NBA were east coast teams can make it with a 20 win season's. So lets tweet our way thru the playoffs fellas. Cause these are the dog days for sure. D O G I tell ya and not in the Dog the Bounty Hunter kinda way. Peace and tweet me @nbatimes BYE

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