Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lamar still my fave player

Whats this I hear number 7 is coming off the bench. Phillip whats the deal? Don't you want the NBA's biggest front line. Bynum , Gasol , Odom. That's a killer set up. I mean i heard the rumors of Lamar partying the night before media day. Cmon you don't have to be fresh for photo opp's. I can see 40's ,blunts and hip hop beats flashing in LO eyes the day after. In an interview with with worlds famous Vic the Brick. Number 7 stated " Ill be ready by the 28th" . Who's needs training camp? No wonder Phillip keeps giving LO the evil eye. Is this Uni Of Rhode Island were you play Xbox all day chase cheerleaders and burn trees all day. Cmon Lamar this is yo year.Go Laker's

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